Our Hosting Services

Logic Fighters sells Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, Virtual private servers, Dedicated servers and all kind of local or International Domains.See Our Hosting Services Below:

Shared hosting

This is the most affordable type of hosting that you will find in the marketplace. Shared hosting means that hundreds of sites may be hosted on the same machine.

Windows Hosting

It is Compatibility with Microsoft, less complicated ,Has tremendous power,Comprehensive support,Surprisingly efficient cost

Virtual Private Server

VPS are servers that are setup specifically for you. Note that other sites may also be hosted on the same machine. However, only you have access to the dedicated resources.

Dedicated servers

These are servers that serve you and only you. There are no other customers on the same server. You have full control and access to all the server resources.

Reseller hosting

For reseller packages, you will get more resources allocated to your account. Of course, the prices are slightly higher when compared to shared hosting, but still highly affordable. Reseller packages are ideal for web designers or freelancers who need to take care of hosting for their clients.

Hosting Packages

Package 1
1 GB Disk
10 GB Bandwidth
3 Domains
5 Database
2 GB Disk
20 GB Bandwidth
5 Domains
7 Database
Package 3
5 GB Disk
50 GB Bandwidth
7 Domains
10 Database
Package 4
10 GB Disk
100 GB Bandwidth
10 Domains
15 Database
Custom Disk
Custom Bandwidth
Custom Domains
Custom Database

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